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Safehinge ALU Range

Safehinge ALU Range (integral to door) - overview

The Safehinge ALU range is truly fit for buildings designed for the 21st century.
The ALU range achieves finger safety by intergrating components with the door which allow the door to pivot without creating a gap at the hinge. Integrated finger protection is installed once, lasts the life of the door and offers whole life cost savings up to 75% (equal to around a £500 saving per door) when compared with conventional hinge cover solutions.

Safety first

Most of us understand the danger presented by conventional door hinges.  Who hasn't trapped or come close to trapping their fingers in a door hinge at some point?
The Safehinge ALU range eliminates any opportunity for finger trappings to occur through use of a specialist pivot set and a curved aluminium profile, which removes the gap at the hinge side of the door throughout the opening and closing cycle.  This clever design means there is no opportunity for wandering fingers to be trapped, which is without doubt the best way to protect against accidents: total prevention.

Install once

Safehinge know that on-site conditions can be challenging and that reality inevitably differs from architectural plans.  We also understand that time is valuable and that our customers cannot afford to let their schedules slip.
The Safehinge ALU range product is designed for quick and easy installation.  Our product offers installers significantly more on-site adjustability than the competition.  The top and bottom pivots are adjustable using easy-access mechanisms.  This adjustability allows for building imperfections and enables fast, stress-free installation, ensuring outstanding results are achieved every time.

Never replace

It is not unknown for some companies to make technical claims that they cannot fully substantiate.  We are not one of those companies.  At Safehinge we have the policy of always backing up what we claim with evidence.
We know you want a door which you can install and forget about, and that is why we have done the testing to make this possible.  The Safehinge system has achieved Severe Duty - the highest grading possible to DD171:1987, which in line with BS1192 classification means the door is suitable for environments where it will undergo "frequent violent usage".
We didn't stop there and have also completed doorset cyclic testing to over 1.5 million cycles without any sign of failure.  We attribute this reliability to the quality materials the ALU range is manufactured from - 316 Stainless Steel and anodised aluminium - and the excellence of our design.
Quality is pivotal.  We go to great lengths to ensure quality is built in to both the design and manufacture of our products.  Our design team benefits from decades of experience and we are expert at achieving the best balance  between cost and performance.  All our suppliers are ISO9001 Quality Management rated.

Save 75% on life costs

The need to protect door hinges to prevent finger trappings is well established.  The best solution available for many years was retrofit hinge covers, which are known to have durability issues in public buildings.
When hinge covers break (at an estimated frequency of 6 - 24 months), they need to be replaced and this incurs a cost.  Over the 25 year life a building this cost can be substantial; the more doors the greater the cost.  The Safehinge ALU range is a durable solution to this issue and over the life of a building will save significant life costs.
Manchester City Council invested an extra £3,000 to use SafeHinge on doors in one primary school and estimated their whole life cost saving at approximately £17,000 over the 25 year life of the building.

Ease of manufacture

Safehinge knows that door manufacturers go to great lengths to optimise their production processes.  When designing our products, it is a key consideration to offer the market the benefits of improved safety and aesthetics, but without disrupting the manufacturer's processes.
We've achieved it.  The ALU range is compatible with both CNC and manual manufacturing techniques and can be incorporated into a doorset as easily as conventional butt hinges.  Our approach to design means none of your time is wasted and therefore no unnecessary cost passed on to the customer.
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